Week 6

Our week started on Monday morning in Victoria, planting trees all-day with the help of our trusty wheelbarrow. The next day, we all hopped into the little Blue KIA and did a road trip around the South Shore, collecting water quality data. Stream cleaning down at Linden Hill Pond concluded our day. Wednesday, Linden Hill Pond stream was finished and we started a new stream down in DeSable where we were extremely surprised to discover the severed head of a chicken. Thursday, our entire day was spent stream cleaning in the Westmoreland East Branch stream. Friday, we picked up bird feeder parts for the Crapaud Exhibition then went to Westmoreland Park and Noonan’s Wetland to do some park maintenance. At lunch we celebrated Chanelle’s 20th Birthday by throwing her a party. Over all, we had a fantastic week.


Week 5

This week we started with a Canada Day event at Merry Pop-Ins Childcare Centre with activities such as play doh, looking at worms through magnifying glasses and identifying island species. Tuesday, we planted trees down at Noonans and had the opportunity to eat lunch under the Bridge. The middle of our week consisted of becoming a feast to the mosquitoes of a stream in Tryon that we were cleaning. The bugs were so bad that we planted trees for the rest of the day instead of continuing down the stream. Thursday, we went down to the Tryon Trail with a chainsaw and cleared some fallen trees. That afternoon we did some stream cleaning down at Linden Hill Pond. Friday, we received another tree order and sorted them out before heading back to Victoria to plant them.

Week 4

This week we received out summer crew for the season! We started off the week with some tree planting around Victoria and a small beach clean up at the Victoria estuary. Showed the crew our water quality sites and introduced them to the YSI, knot weed was cut out at lord’s pond again this year. Wednesday we headed out to Camp Abby and cleaned up the downed trees in the forest. The Westmoreland park was once again prepped for the summer solstice family fishing event on Saturday.

2019 Staff! :)

On June 24th, the new staff from 2019 season started!! We are so excited! The three new amazing young students from different neighborhoods on South Shore. We would like to introduce them to our SSWA’s followers!

Starting with:

HELLO! My name is Chanelle MacPhail from Argyle Shore! I have just completed my first year in the Environmental Studies program at UPEI. I am very excited to be working at SSWA and to learn a lot of new stuff about the environment around my area and ways to help take care of it!

Hi, my name is Catherine Viger and I live in Victoria-by-the-Sea. I have just completed grade 11 at École François Buote and will start 12th grade in September. This is my second year with SSWA and I am very happy to be back!

Hi, my name is Ashton Winn I just finished grade 9 and will be going into grade 10 in September. I found out the SSWA was hiring through Jamie Fox and was exited to start. I think this will be a very fun Summer!!!

Week Two

Starting off week two with some good old stream clearing Monday morning near Harvey’s general store, shrubs were also planted at Victoria Provincial Park along the cliff, fence to be moved back soon for public safety. Work at Camp Abegweit has started in the forest alongside the beach, blocking up fallen trees from the winter and moving them out of the way. Some straw was spread over the bank at lords pond as well. Water quality testing took place for the second time, running much smoother than last time.

Season 2019!!

Week 1:

This week there was a lot of prep work and planning, field supervisor Matt Meenink began work. Inventory was taken of the tools and equipment, the waders were cleaned as well. Touring of different locations of interest took place and ideas were formed for upcoming projects. Water quality testing took place for the first time this season. Also trees orders were filled for SSWA members as well as some trees were planted around the Westmoreland nature park.

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