Summer season is done!

Hello SSWA's followers! And one more season is now ended! Last week, Matt and Ashton went to get some woods for bird boxes to be install in different areas of SSWA's boundary. Tuesday, Matt, Ashton and Juliana went to do the last water quality of the season in the morning, and in the afternoon installed [...]

Week 12… Almost done!

Monday started off with stream clearing in Westmoreland for the last time this year, yay! We had an amazing lunch at Catherine's house. We really appreciated!!! The BBQ and ice cream was amazing! After the lunch, we drove to Westmoreland Nature Park and Linden Hill Pond to analyze the best place to install the Deluxe [...]

Crapaud Exhibition!!!

On steamy hot Saturday July 27th, we went to the Crapaud Exhibition all day long! We arrived at 8:00 am and prepared for the day. Juliana treated all of us to a lovely pancake breakfast before the crowd arrived. In the kids activity building, we helped kids build their very own bird feeders and then [...]

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